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“Growing older makes me anxious. It scares me that time passes by quickly. And the days we couldn’t meet are increasing. I don’t like it that I’m getting farther and farther from my youth. I hate myself who thinks about these things..the feeling that I hate the most is that uneasy feeling of maybe not knowing that feeling of distance. I don’t know what I’m saying but..today..I feel a lot of complex emotions. I don’t want to say that I’m living life just by breathing alone. I have to work hard. I must try hard.” -Jaejoong | Twitter

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131226 TVXQ 10th Anniversary Something Album Teaser

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Introducing 동방신기 (or) 東方神起

  • New kpop fan: Who is Tong Vfang Xien Qi?
  • 1° Cassie: Dong Bang Shin Ki.
  • 2° Cassie: or Dong Bang Shin Gi.
  • 3° Cassie: You can call them Tohoshinki.
  • 4° Cassie: Rising Gods of The East ^^
  • 5° Cassie: You seem a little confused.. just call them to TVfXQ.
  • 6° Cassie: ...or just TVXQ..
  • 7° Cassie: or DBSK..
  • 8° Cassie: or DBSG..
  • 9° Cassie: or THSK..
  • New kpop fan: ...
  • 10° Cassie: Okay, Learn the names of the members first, it is easier..
  • 11° Cassie: Junsu!
  • 12° Cassie: You can call him "Xiah"..or "Xia" or "Angel Xiah"..or Duckbutt..
  • 13° Cassie: We have Yoochun, or Micky, or.. hey!! Come back!!!! I have not finished talking!


Gods of the East: A collection of TVXQ’s greatest live vocal performances (2003 - 2013). Chosen by Cassiopeia, these are songs which bring back memories of the decade both happy and sad, and though the list is endless, these songs are highly recommended to those who want to know more about the Rising Gods of the East.

1. Hug (acapella) [Five in the Black 2007] // 2. Love in the Ice [Five in the Black 2007] // 3. Proud [Five in the Black 2007] // 4. Why Did I Fall in Love With You? [A-Nation 2008] // 5. 言葉にできない [2009] // 6. Stand By U [Secret Code 2009] // 7. W [A-Nation 2010] // 8. 夏の終りのハーモニー [2011] 9. 忘れないで [Secret Code 2009] // 10. Lion Heart [2009] // 11. Bolero [Bigeast Fanclub] // 12. Kiss したまま、さよなら [T 2008] // 13. One More Thing [Time 2013] // 14. Survivor [A-Nation 2009] // 15. Balloons [‘O’ 2007] // 16. Mirotic [Mirotic 2009]

Listen // Download (+ more tracks due to copyright on playlist)

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(ノ◕ ◡ ◕)ノ彡┻━┻

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Happy TVXQ’s Yunho&Changmin 10th anniversary.


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